Vista House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Norihito Yamauchi


The site is located in a cluttered residential neighborhood along a river which is recessed from a major road in an urban area. A large and lengthy building is looming to the west of the house.
The client requested to have an open house while it is closed to the outside with their garage built inside the house.
I therefore first determined the necessary area for the garage and then developed the plan while examining the site’s characteristics.

I laid out the building to fit within the shape of the narrow and lengthy site which runs eastwest. Wall openings have been minimized to secure privacy.
As the building has massive proportions, it shows free and lively presence that is created by the contrast of shed and flat roofs, which is highlighted by the combination of spray coating and galvalume finish of the exterior wall.

The built-in garage is designed to be used not only as a car shed but also as a space to make oneself calm and organized.
The interior is unified with black color. The subdued light coming through frosted glass emphasizes the profiles of the small object and branches that are put on the window sill. The reflection on the glossy floor produces an extraordinary situation.
When the sliding door which is provided to the adjacent entrance hall is left open, the space will merge the hall into an extended dramatic one.

The LDK on the second floor is made to be dynamic, taking advantage of the openings that connect the sceneries on both east and west ends, as well as the high sloped ceiling.
The large and lengthy building, which is located to the west of the site and gives oppressive feelings to the street, has an open space which is faced with the site.
To make the best use of the situation, a balcony and a large opening with a clear sightline has been provided towards the open space, to take the view inside the room.

The view trimmed by the opening brings about urbanized scenery and produces sophisticated atmosphere in the room.
Faced with the large building, the house even achieves affluent inner space by its plan that maximizes the form.

Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2023
Site Area:156,87m2
Total floor area:169,64m2
Photographs : Norihito Yamauchi