Leading House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Kenta Kawamura








The site is faced with the street which, as one of the old Five Routes, used to be busy and crowded with many merchants and travelers. To the north of the house is a river running beyond a road. The location is blessed with a nice mountain view in the distance.

The building is designed to evoke an image of traditional house that draws attractiveness of the location, while embodying modern configuration at the same time.

The dynamic configuration, which is composed of the gable roof volume overlapping the shed roof volume, directly forms the internal space profile.

The inside is filled with tranquility and openness. The circular flow that has been created with the three-story ceiling space as the center has produced various rooms.

The high wall blocks eyes from neighborhood and also plays a role of sundial that casts dappled shade which moves and changes in accordance with lights.

The flux of light comes through the high side window which is provided in accordance with the roof slope. It blends in with the space, creating a sequence that adds to the habitable space the peaceful and uplifting feeling as well as extraordinary atmosphere.

The house calmly stands on the historical road, leading the habitants to beautiful and rich lives.

Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2022
Site Area:343,39m2
Total floor area:226,39m2
Photographs : Kenta Kawamura