Slender House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Yoshihiro Asada, Norihito Yamauchi
外部は、プロポーション、窓の配置、素材を慎重に検討したボリュームで構成されており、高さのある窓とオーバーハングのポーチが、垂直・水平ラインを強調し、均質になり過ぎないファサードを創り出している。 エントランスは、ポーチの両サイドに配置し、左右に振り分けた駐車スペースからの利便性を高めた。これにより、道路側からの視線を適度に遮ることができ、プライバシーも確保された。
2階は、外からの視線を制御し、内部から外部へと視線が抜けていく開放感のある空間になっている。周囲は建物が近接しているが、北側の道路面では、近景の山の尾根を望むことができる。そこで、この環境を最大限に活かすため、道路面に天井高のあるリビングを配置し、周囲の風景を切り取る大きな開口部を設けた。内部に取り込んだ自然の風景と光によって、室内の表情が刻々と変化し、視線の抜けと広がりが生み出される。さらに、艶のある腰壁からの光の 映り込みが、目の前に広がる空間をより美しく演出する。
The house is located in the subdivision accessible from a suburban arterial road. It has been planned in the stripshape lot; with narrow width and large depth.
In the vicinity are the houses built by house-building companies or local builders. We then aimed to build a house that possesses dignified presence with both designability and coziness in such a cluttered townscape.
The exterior is composed of volumes with carefully examined proportion, window layout and materials. The window with height and the overhang porch emphasize vertical and horizontal lines, making the facade not too much uniform.
The entrances are positioned on both sides of the porch to enhance convenience for access from the parking spaces that are laid out on either side. This moderately blocks eyes from the road, and secures privacy as well. The interior of the first floor is connected from the entrances through the wash room at the penetralia, along the deep and strip-shaped lot. The raised floor, staircase, and furniture are rhythmically laid out along the passage. They are used as flexible spaces for communication to enrich daily lives.
On the second floor is the space with a feel of openness, where eyes from outside are blocked on the one hand while those letting go from inside to outside on the other hand. Buildings come close in the periphery, but a ridge line of the near mountain can be viewed to the road in the north. Making the best of this environment, a living room with high ceiling has been laid out toward the road, and a large opening provided to cut out the surrounding landscape. The natural scenery and light that are taken inside the house make the internal appearance everchanging, allowing eyes to go through and expand. In addition, the light that is reflected on the shiny wainscot makes the view in the front more beautiful.
The building with impressive appearance generates cozy space inside. It is achieved by studying the potential and characteristics of the site, and adding to the building the sense that is unique to architects.

Location: Shiga, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2019
Site Area: 125,24m2
Constructed Area: 112,28m2