Adorable House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Yoshihiro Asada
The house was designed for a couple and children on 97 m2 of relatively a small ground in an urban district of a city center. The site is surrounded by newly built apartment buildings and various types of houses mixed together. Across the street, there is a park where parents can have their children play. For this project, it was requested to build a house that incorporates both functionality and design properties even if it may be small, while maximizing the environment of the site. The appearance has been designed to include both massive and floaty feel that is generated by manipulating volume and proportion of configuration. The piloti space under the cantilevered eaves is used as a parking space, porch, and approach to entrance.
The space between the porch and the border of the street is used for planting to effectively display the building as well as to give a feel of linkage with the park.
A small room positioned at the center of the site is used as a gallery run by the client. The room is connected to the entrance hall to secure a smooth traffic line for residents. An opening is provided on the approach side so that one can check who comes in/out or what happens outside.
The internal space on the second floor that has secured a maximum height in accordance with the roof shape is produced by light coming in from a top light and space continuity, which results from eye-conscious design.
The distinctive large window facing the park is composed of a high window that introduces enough natural light, and an opening that takes in gentle light and breeze while blocking eyes from outside. The house fixture designed to be incorporated in the window frame connects the spaces, and fills the room with dignity.
Scenes of children appearing at the small window facing the park resemble little birds poking their heads out of a nest, which looks so adorable.
This house produces various beautiful scenes in daily lives of the residents.
Location: Tokyo,Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2017
Site Area: 97.28m2
Constructed Area: 106,4m2