Small House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Kei Nakajima

リビングと並列する細長いスペースは、クライアントの趣味が反映されるように計画されており、 スペース内に配置された柱は、柱間で用途を仕切る視覚的効果を狙ったものである。 また配置された柱・造作物は、対面する造作ソファーと共に空間構成の一部となって空間にリズムを生み出している。
This project was to build a small residence for a couple in their 50’s.
As the site was located in an overcrowded area, the client requested a house that creates a spacious feel inside the house, instead of being open to outside. The plane composition is very simple: the living room at the center and the other spaces connected to it.
We tried to create a visually spacious feel by deliberately considering and designing the volume of each room in the string of the small space.
In the living room, the high gable ceiling associated with light from the top light impresses the inward space. The elongate space parallel to the living room is planned to reflect the client’s taste. The columns are arranged to give a visual effect of separating the space by the purpose.
These columns and carpentry works, together with the sofa fixture faced with them, are part of the spatial composition, generating a rhythm to the space.
The dining atelier connected to the living room is characterized by the design that brings out attraction of the material.
We believe that we have successfully created the space with an expansive appearance by incorporating various elements mixed together in the small space.
Location: Aichi,Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2013
Site Area: 142.22m2
Constructed Area: 80.60m2