Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Yoshihiro Asada
建物は、企業のオフィスビルとして計画され、1 階はガレージ、2階はオフィス、3、4階はゲストハウスの機能を併せ持つ4層で構成されている。
ラフな鋼板で仕上げられたファザードのソリッドな壁は、建物の重量感を高めているが、入念に計画された開口部の位置によって軽快な外観に仕上げている。 この建物の内部空間を特徴づけているのは、3、4階に計画したゲストハウスである。2層分の高さがあるLDK は、光りを主題に空間が構成されている。ヴォイド空間に巡らせた光を導く経路は、天井の断面変化と視線の抜けを生み出し、拡散光によって柔らかい雰囲気を醸し出しながらも、凛とした空間を創り出している。
The building is located along an arterial road with heavy traffic. The surrounding area is full of commercial facilities and condos.
It was designed as an office building for a corporation, and consists of four layers including the garage on the first floor, the office on the second floor, and the guest house on the third and fourth floors.
The solid walls of the façade are finished with rough steel plates, which enhance massiveness of the building. Meanwhile, the elaborately designed positions of the openings create the light appearance.
And what characterizes the inner space of this building is the guest house designed on the third and fourth floors.
The space of the two-tiered living room and dining kitchen is themed with light; The light-leading route that is laid out in the void produces variation in the cross section of the ceiling and visual clearance. The radiating light brings about tender atmosphere on the one hand, and creates crisp space on the other.
The impressive design, which makes the best use of shade and shadow both in the external and internal spaces of the building, has become a local landmark that characterizes the corporate image.

Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga,Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2015
Site Area: 362,52m2
Constructed Area: 499,07m2